Vegan Cauliflower Pizza

July 16, 2018

Vegan cauliflower pizza is the perfect summer time dinner served with a glass of ice cold pale Rose. Oh I'm imagining myself sat in a garden, surrounded by flowers sipping on wine, and nibbling on pizza. It's a wonderful thought, but sadly we don't have a garden. 


Nervertheless, I try to avoid gluten when and where I can because it doesn't bode well with my tummy. I suffer from IBS and gluten is not always my friend, so I've been limiting it to the weekends. I say weekends, it's more like weekends and Thursday nights when I'm craving sourdough and eggs... It's the simple things in life hey. 


Cauliflower pizza, however,  lets me enjoy pizza and avoid the tummy grumbles. Plus I love putting on the toppings. 





Cauliflower is rich in antioxidants, aids a healthy digestive system and is packed with vitamins.  It is however, quite a flavourless vegetable, but it does loves spice. Try pairing it up with spices like oregano or paprika to enrich it with flavour. 


For the base


1 whole cauliflower 

1/2 chopped onion

2 tbsp oregano

2 eggs

30g parmesan

Salt 'n' Peps 



Pre heat the oven to 180oc. 


Using a food processor, blend the cauliflower until fine. Transfer into a clean tea towel, and do your best to squeeze as much juice out of it as possible before putting into a mixing bowl. 


Once all cauliflower has been squeezed, add the rest of the ingredients into the mixing bowl. Combine and spread onto a large greased baking tray. Press down using a spoon, and smooth out. 


Bake for 25 minutes. This should be browning on top. 


Remove from the oven, and cool for 5 minutes. Add your cooked or uncooked toppings, and place back into the oven for 15 minutes.


Enjoy X


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