Where To Eat In Sydney: Places You Must Go!

June 26, 2018

I moved to Sydney last year and only recently returned home. And in those 9 months spent away, I’m happy to say I’d been doing a lot of eating and a lot of eating out!


One of the best things about moving to a new city is discovering the hidden gems, and where the locals love to go. Forget the super pricey restaurants in the tourist hot-spot, I want to go where the Aussies are! Where the good food is, where the passion is and the love for food.


And the best way to do this, is to ask. So here are a few of the top cafes, restaurants and eateries I’d discovered since landing in Sydney.









We headed straight to Bondi for a week, after touching down in Sydney and checked into an Air BnB. The first recommendation was to visit Harry’s for a coffee, which was conveniently a five minute walk down the road. After about half an hour of unpacking, and the excitement started to settle I needed a pick-me-up to combat the jet lag!  Harry's it was. 


And the coffee was to die for! I've heard a lot of people say Australian's know how to make coffee, and it's completely and totally true! The Baristas new their art well, and served me my favourite coffee 'Skinny Flat White' perfectly. 


The breakfast was pretty great too. The presentation was well thought through, pretty, and certainly Instagrammable. 


Recommended: Strawberry bircher muesli with natural yoghurt and saffron pear.




Okay, so not quite the place to be if you're on your new year's health kick but it's certainly the place to go if you fancy a treat on a budget. (It's been named in Sydney's top 10 burgers for a reason...)


Simple, breaded chicken in a bap with salad and mayo. Yup that's it. But I tell you, this was insane!


Recommended: Chicken burger and chips. That simple. 




When I went to Deus, I felt like it was almost a little too cool for me but nevertheless I loved going. The staff were friendly, the coffee was strong and the eggs were cooked perfectly. Most of all, the Banana Bread was delicious. 


I didn't know Banana Bread would be such a thing until I touched down, and after consuming far too many of them when I first got there, I like to think I became an expert.. Deus Banana Bread topped with honeycomb butter was absolutely the best thing on the menu for me. Coupled with a coffee, who could resist. 


Recommended: Banana bread, all the way! 



The Cottage Balmain 

I had a spell of bad bowel movements (sorry for the honesty!) and tummy pains which led me to having a good while banning gluten. Anyway, I didnt want it to stop me going out and enjoying a dinner I hadnt cooked myself. On a Saturday night, when the sun is out, a glass of Rose on the cards, cooking felt like a chore. 


So more than a week in advance, I'd planned to go to The Cottage Balmain. I'd been told about it by a friend and immediately thought, will I be able to eat anything there anyway? Well, I shouldnt jump to conclusions. Low and behold, they serve gluten-free pizzas and they're bloody delicious! When I saw the menu, dripping with cocktails and multiple gluten free pizza options, I think I may have jumped with joy. 


It's the smaller things in life, right?


Anyway, the service was fab, I enjoyed multiple cocktails on the veranda and dived into my gluten free pizza which I'd have again, a few times over. 


Recommended: Mushroom gluten free pizza


There are so many more great places to eat and drink in Sydney, like The Boathouse at Palm Beach or Shellys on Manly, Cafe Sydney or Maybe Frank. Drop me a line if you need any more recommendations!


Enjoy X


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